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Huntington Youth Council completes year long project




Melissa Justice, McKenzie Fox and Julie Jones work on placing markers at unmarked graves.

Huntington City Youth Mayor Krista Ungerman reported to the city council about the year’s accomplishments of the youth city council. She stated their main goal was to install markers in the cemetery on many unmarked graves. There are 210 older, unmarked graves, and the youth city council undertook the project to get markers made and installed before Memorial Day.
The project began when Melissa Justice, youth council member, noticed that many of the markers in the cemetery were unreadable or non-existant. “It was sad to think that there were people there with no names,” she stated. The council ordered stainless steel plaques from Badlands Fabrication, and arranged to have the plaques set in concrete in preparation for installation at the gravesites. Lane Larsen did the cement work and Norman Dingman donated the wood to construct the forms for the cement.
The youth council has been accepting donations to fund the project, and will still accept donations to complete the funding.
The youth city council also won the food and clothing drive competition at the recent youth leadership summit. The competition was between each city in the county’s youth city councils.
“I have been involved with the youth city council for four years, two as the mayor. I want to thank my parents, and Julie Jones our advisor, for their support. We really enjoyed the Christmas projects, they were lots of fun. This experience will help me throughout my life,” said Ungerman. She then gave Jones a plaque in appreciation for the support of the council.
Sabrina Ungerman, Krista’s mother, informed the city council that this experience has helped her daughter learn how cities work. It has also helped her receive scholarships as a result of this experience. Sabrina then introduced the youth city council advisor for the upcoming year. Lisa Brower, who is a new resident to Huntington stated that her son is on the youth city council for next year, and she is anxious to begin her duties.
Two new business licenses were granted during the meeting. The first was to CTB Transportation Services which is relocating to a new facility in Huntington. The second was to San Rafael Research, which plans to open in the old laundromat building. This facility will conduct research as a subcontractor for a research firm in Logan.
Councilperson Jones requested the council to consider what Huntington City could offer new businesses who wish to relocate to Emery County. As part of her duties on the economic development council, Jones stated that economic development is working on an incentive package, with ideas and input from each city. This package will be used as incentive for businesses to relocate into this area.
Jones instructed the council to think commercial, not industrial, as the target businesses are small to mid-sized. Councilman Mark Justice suggested that each council person consider the options and report at the next council meeting.
Jeff Guymon, of Emery County IT department, was present to request Huntington City sign an interlocal agreement with the county concerning the new addressing system. This addressing system has been underway for some time, and is nearing completion. It creates a uniform system of addressing throughout the county to enable emergency services, and others, to function more efficiently. The council signed the agreement.
A public hearing was held to discuss the 2005-2006 budget. Treasurer Judy Truman distributed a tentative budget for the consideration of the council. Each item was discussed, and most will remain the same as during the previous year. Revenue and expenditures are expected to remain the same and the number of employees is the same.
Mayor Jackie Wilson said that there are a number of sidewalks in town that are being destroyed by root systems of trees. These items must be taken care of and the funding has to be found. Councilman Mark Justice suggested cutting everything, in the budget by five percent, to allow for employee raises and other unforeseen expenditures.
Councilman Norman Dingman stated that the city needs to be more fiscally responsible. All departments will require some belt tightening.
During her report, Mayor Wilson informed the council that Emery County has adopted an OHV ordinance. She stressed that this does not mean that the county roads are open to OHV travel. Whether roads are open or closed will be determined by the route designation map that is due out soon.
She also stated that with rising construction costs, the city has had to drop some construction projects for the city’s streets, gutters, curbs, and sidewalks. Also, the council has not yet received any news from Emery County School District concerning the parking problem at Huntington Elementary.
At the city library, Mayor Wilson stated that a portal will be opened in the fence to make the park behind the library more accessible. At the present time, numerous young people are climbing the fence to access the park, and a section of the fence will be taken out for safety reasons. A part time person, Jennifer Tucker, has been hired for the summer. She will work three hours a day.
Councilman Justice reported that the new asphalt in the park will be installed within two weeks. Also that concessionaires for Heritage Days will be required to have valid food handlers permits.
Councilperson Hilary Gordon reported that the beautification projects will all come together and be completed during the next few weeks. The light poles are going in now, the planters have been installed and are being planted with flowers. The theme for Heritage Days is Hooray for the Red, White, and Blue, and all the flowers that are being planted go with the theme.
Councilperson Jones stated that the go ahead was received from the CDBG to begin ordering the tables to be purchased with the grant funding. She also stated that restoration work will begin on the arch at the cemetery.
The next Huntington City Council meeting will be June 22 at 6:30 p.m.

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