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Emery Medical Center prepares for health fair

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Emery Medical Center is participating in the Emergency Preparedness and Health Fair at the Emery County Recreation building on Sept. 24. To accommodate their patients, and others with medical questions, the Center will have two booths set up to help residents better prepare themselves for an emergency.
At one booth, staff from the clinic will be testing blood sugars for both high and low readings. They will also be available to answer questions concerning the storage of insulin, during normal times and times of emergency.
At the other booth, a computer will be set up to demonstrate a new service by Emery Medical Center. This new computer program will have a self education module to inform clients about hypertension. Hypertension, better known as high blood pressure, will also be checked at this booth.
The clinic is working toward having more self education modules available in the future.
Dr. Barry Cook, an optometrist from Price, will also have a booth at the Emergency Preparedness and Health Fair. In the booth, he will be doing a vision screening on people who attend the fair. This screening will check for several potential problems that can arise with vision.
One thing that will be checked for is color vision. This is to determine if a person has a problem with recognizing colors. Another thing Dr. Cook will check for is near and far visual acuity. This test determines the sharpness of keenness of vision.
Another problem, Dr. Cook will check for is stereopsis. This test is used to determine how the two eyes work together.
Dr. Cook will be available for questions and recommendations about vision, and what people with problems should be aware of and how to rectify the problems.

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